Does your child have difficulty with:

  • Speaking clearly or producing certain sounds?
  • Understanding or using language to express ideas?
  • Engaging in conversation and using appropriate social skills?
  • Using words to communicate?
  • Connecting sounds in words to begin reading and spelling?

Evaluations are provided to assess speech articulation, receptive and expressive language skills, phonological awareness/reading levels, and social or pragmatic skills. Each evaluation is geared toward your individual child’s needs. Length of assessment can range from 45 minutes to two hours depending on the depth of testing and child’s ability for sustained attention. Parents and the clinician may determine together if it’s best for them to sit in on the testing or wait in the waiting room, if their child’s focus increases without their presence. Evaluations consist of formal and informal measures. In addition to standardized test materials, we often use toys and games to elicit responses.

Results are discussed with you following the evaluation once scores and analysis has taken place. If therapy is recommended, the clinician will discuss scheduling availability and suggested frequency of visits.

Prior to the evaluation, you may be asked to complete a case history form. This helps the clinician learn more about your child and your concerns.